Continuous Discovery That Runs on Autopilot.

No credit card required. Get 500 credits for free.

Gain clarity on what to improve in your product and UX

Have the entire company’s knowledge within your reach

Prioritize changes that affect more, or more important users

Keep learning and validating, hassle-free.

1. Discover user insights from across your company

Turn support tickets, calls, feedback, and more into bite-sized learnings about your users and their experience.

2. Validate faster with automatic interview analysis

Add your research questions, upload interviews, and get a report with identified themes and recommendations.

3. Dive deeper by asking questions

Have a specific question in mind? Get an answer within seconds with all the evidence it was based on.

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Don’t spend hours on analysis.
Discover problems, questions, and opinions in minutes.

Never waste your devs’ time.
Prioritize your roadmap with extensive evidence.

Forget long discussions with CS, CSM, Sales teams.
Get direct access to what users say.

Stop relying on biased opinions.
Make rock-solid decisions based on quantified insights.

Say No to low quality insights.
Ensure accuracy with a multistep analysis and GPT-4.

Your data is safe. Collectif complies with GDPR and employs critical measures to ensure your privacy.

These days are over:

Data analysis takes a long time

You spend hours gathering information

You question each others’ decisions

Insights are lost and forgotten

Your reality, tomorrow:

Data is turned into insights automatically

Internal research takes minutes

You have evidence to support decisions

All data & insights are in one place

Turn Discovery On.

Start in 7 Minutes.

No credit card required. Get 500 credits for free.