Turn Voice of the Customer into Insights. Automatically.

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And when your data is in: explore, ask, and search.

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How to set it up?

1. List Your Features

List Topics you want to follow like features, Pricing, or User Interface. Your data will be classified in a granular, yet tidy manner.

2. Connect Your Tools

Set up integrations to import data automatically when it’s created in your tools.

3. Bring in Your Team

Add your team members and colleagues from other departments.
And finally, you’re on the same page!

What happens next?

1. A new data point is imported to Collectif

2. ⁠Personal information is anonymized

3. Topics and key Highlights are identified

4. Every week Collectif discovers Insights

5. ⁠You receive a notification

Explore Topics, discover Insights, and check their Source.

And what can you do?

Explore Insights

Get Answers & Evidence

Find Data On Specific Topics

Speed Up Interview Analysis

Do Research From One Place

Streamline Collaboration

Group Resources In Projects

Dive Deep In Custom Reports

Test Your Hypotheses

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Growth Decisions.

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No credit card required. Get 500 credits for free.