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For product

Build superb solutions based on extensive evidence.

For UX & Research

Automate interview analysis and discover UX issues.

For CSM & Support

Identify gaps in your customer education.

For product marketing

Craft messaging that truly resonates.

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Continuous discovery that runs on autopilot

So when you need research it takes minutes, not days.

  • Discover issues, questions, and opinions
  • Learn what users say about specific features and topics
  • Ask questions, get answers based on your data
  • Fully automate interview analysis
  • Have all data easily accessible
  • Get weekly insight reports

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Select what do you want to analyze?

Identify issues, questions, and opinions in ongoing feedback

Connect your tools

Connect Zendesk, Intercom, Hubspot, Typeform or any other tool via Zapier, Segment, or API.

Automatically analyze data

Get automatic topic, sentiment, and type labels, information synthesis, and insights powered by GPT-4.

Get weekly insights reports

Receive a quick overview of new issues and opportunities found.

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Fully automate user interview analysis

Add research questions and upload interviews

Steer analysis your way to ensure insights are relevant and actionable.

Find answers within each interview

Receive a list of highlights answering your questions. Then click to watch the specific part of your recording.

Get a report with insights & recommendations

Don’t spend hours identifying themes across interviews. Generate a report and share it with your team.

Make informed decisions fast.
You and your team.

These days are over:

Data analysis takes a long time

You spend hours gathering information

You question each others’ decisions

Insights are lost and forgotten

Your reality, tomorrow:

Data is turned into insights automatically

Internal research takes minutes

You have evidence to support decisions

All data & insights are in one place

Turn Discovery On.

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No credit card required. Get 500 credits for free.